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Texas Wild Fire
Our data is used by petroleum pipeline companies, exploration and production companies, real estate and utility companies as well as by local governments and other related organizations every day.

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Due to the record drought in Texas most areas of Texas are at a high risk for wild fires and there are burn bans in 250 of the 254 counties of Texas. OGI is closely monitoring the areas affected and providing land ownership, deed information, oil and gas well data and ranch outlines for all of the affected areas.
Provided below are links to both data resources that we provide, our free online map, and links to outside resources regarding the past and present Texas wildfires.

Texas Wildfire Info
Counties Affected

Here are links to outside resources that provide additional information regarding the 2011 Texas wildfires:

Texas Forest Services
National Interagency Fire Center
Fire Mapping
NOAA Satellite View
Drought Monitor