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With over 2000 counties and over 100 million parcels available, OGI offers the most comprehensive land ownership database available. Combining this data with our GIS experience, we provide the ROW industry with the services and products needed for a successful project.

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How GIS maps help Right of Way. Maps include area of interest maps, pipeline maps, corridor/right of way maps, parcel/ownership maps, and more. By combining our in-house data sets with field data, we can customize any map area you need.
How GIS Data helps Right of Way. We know how important ownership of land parcels is for ROW industry, so we update and maintain our parcel data on a regular basis so YOU will always get the most accurate, up-to-date data.
How GIS Services helps Right of Way.  OGI offers valuable tools for the right-of-way industry including ROW ownership, report generation and Buffer zone report creation. Right of way companies can specify a buffer zone and receive land ownership data based on the selected area