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We offer parcel data in shapefile format available for download through our digital data store, or as paper maps with all the attributes and labels that you need.
Our parcel maps, either digital or paper, can be used by private and public organizations in a range of creative ways. Instant property search and retrieval of real estate records is offered on subscription basis. With no mandatory minimum usage and several smart searching options, it is a snap to research County records online and find property ownership and other land data useful for your individual projects. You can identify property owners and discover all properties an individual or business owns.

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How maps help the Real Estate Industry.Our real estate maps, either digital or paper, can be used by private and public organizations in a range of creative ways: administration, zoning, building and site development, flood control, lake and stream erosion management, dispute over boundary lines, disaster recovery plans, re-assessment of property for equitable taxation, supervision and regulation of public transportation and traffic, and buying and selling land.
How GIS Data helps the Real Estate Industry. OGI offers the Real Estate industry a variety of GIS data including base map data, ownership data, tax roll information including land values, improvement values, legal description and more. GIS shapefile data is formatted for seamless integration into your existing GIS software program. OGI’s GIS data is compatible with ESRI ArcMap, Autodesk, GeoGraphix, and other popular GIS programs.
How GIS Services helps the Real Estate Industry.  To make data retrieval easier, our web based online map, FastMap offers the ability to search with property address, property ID, or even search county-wide by owner name. This map comes loaded with GIS data including parcel ownership, abstracts & surveys, digital elevation models, aerial imagery, roads & railways, and more.