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In Oil and Gas plays, it all starts with the map.
OGI offers custom GIS services for all aspects of the exploration & production and pipeline industries.

When you need a map or GIS spatial data, OGI delivers.

With the maps, data and services you need for every phase of the E&P process, OGI offers industry leading solutions that you need to get ahead of the competition.

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How maps help the Oil & Gas and Pipeline Industry. Maps include area of interest maps, lease maps, parcel/ownership maps, drilling unit (HBP) maps and more. Our maps are available in a wide variety of formats. From paper maps to electronic maps, GIS-ready files and online mapping applications, OGI has the right map for you.
How GIS Data helps the Oil & Gas and Pipeline Industry.  OGI offers a wide variety of data for the oil and gas and pipeline industry including base map data, ownership data, well & pipeline data, drilling unit (HBP) data and more. Pipeline data attributes include diameter, commodity, operator, system and subsystem name and more. GIS shapefile data is formatted for seamless integration into your existing GIS software program. OGI’s GIS data is compatible with ESRI ArcMap, Autodesk, GeoGraphix, and other GIS programs.
How GIS Services helps the Oil & Gas and Pipeline Industry. Services include custom mapping, Oil & Gas Consulting, GIS outsourcing, bulk mapping, lease mapping and parcel generation, GIS development and implementation and more. For rapid access to our data, OGI offers FastMap, a web-based mapping application by monthly or yearly subscription. This online map comes loaded with GIS data including parcel ownership, well data & pipeline data, abstracts & surveys, aerial imagery, drilling unit boundaries, roads & railways, and more.