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Due Diligence with Live Reporting. Demo.

Get real-time seamless research and document storage and retrieval for the the whole land team. The components of the NEW LAVA 3.0 enable you and your team stay up-to-date with a real-time dashboard with vital stats and progress reports, an online GIS map, search and store courthouse records and other data, images and contact information all online, LIVE. OGI FastMap, comes loaded with valuable GIS data including AMI, HBP, leases, parcel ownership, well data & pipeline data, abstracts & surveys, aerial imagery, roads & railways.

• Monitor the progress of title examination projects in real time
• Instant reporting from field activity
• Over 60 million official records online: leases, assignments, deeds, memos, pooling, amendments
• Live Reporting: Effective NRI, acreage totals, expenses, lease maps

• County Courthouse Records online

• Lead/Lease Management

• Powerful Online FastMap
• Parcel Data/Tax Roll Search
• Secure Administration
• Time-Card
• No software to purchase
GIS Mapping Lease Management Software Online
LAVA Lead Lease Management is a complete Land and Management Software with Crew Timecards, Tax Roll Search, Court house Record Search. Official records at your finger tips. The County Court House record search has actual paper leases scanned into the system.
Live vital stats Texas Drilling Units
Real-time dashboard displays vital statistics and progress reports. Keep your entire land team live and up to date. Lava's map tools allow you to search, zoom to the results on OGI FastMap, and identify feature information across an optimized stack of reference layers which include DPU's, AMI, HBP, leases, surface ownership, wells & pipelines and base map data.