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As a utilities design company we offer smart grid services that will meet your company’s needs. ogiGRID uses cutting edge technology that reduce costs and ensures a quick delivery to the customer. Our electric utility services include infrared thermal imaging, pole audits, utility mapping, GIS mapping, power distribution design, smart meter change outs and more. ogiGRID is a electric utilities design company with smart grid services that will accommodate your needs.

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How maps help the Utilities & Telecom Industry. ogiGRID is capable of using various customer maps. Our experienced staff has used maps including civil, right of way, parcel, and utility. To ensure accuracy we incorporate customer maps as much as possible into our design work. This gives the customer the satisfaction of seeing asset improvements on their own maps which can be easily incorporated back into their existing systems.
How GIS Data helps the Utilities & Telecom Industry. ogiGRID’s experienced staff is capable of working with many types of data. We are able to do data collection, processing, and manipulation to meet our client’s needs. Whatever dataset you’re comfortable with, ogiGRID’s staff can handle it. We use highly accurate GPS devices to gather data in the field with accuracy to within 4 inches. Our state of the art computers can handle large datasets such as NED files for terrain modeling, LiDar point cloud datasets, CAD and ESRI files.
How GIS Services helps the Utilities & Telecom Industry.  ogiGRID is a technical service firm that specializes in utilities. We offer many services including pole line design and staking, thermal imaging, structural analysis, foreign contact audits, make ready and more. Our services are performed using new cutting edge technology which allow us to turn out projects quickly and cost effectively. ogiGRID’s experienced staff is highly adaptable to meet the ever changing requirements of our clients.