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Put your county GIS maps online and make sure your local government GIS department has the tools and GIS data they need. The entities your serve can find the important county appraisal information they need. Navigate and search GIS spatial data graphically through our web-based FastMap and discover jurisdictional boundaries, school districts, city boundaries, roads and much more. OGIgov's Texas county GIS maps utilize local government GIS data to communicate valuable county tax assessor information to the public through an online map.

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How maps help the Local Government  OGI has the ability to build maps for Local Appraisal Districts and other entities interested in county data. Whether you need a county map, an area specific map, or any other type of map you can think of, OGI has the ability to offer the most accurate, up-to-date maps available.
How GIS Data helps the Local Government County data is available in shapefile format by default, but we can customize the data set to any format you need. Our data is comprised of several individual county specific data that can be viewed individually or as a whole through our FastMap application. Our GIS clearinghouse is comprised of parcel data, abstract, city limits, and other GIS data ready for purchase on CD, download, or view through FastMap.
How GIS Services helps the Local Government  The Local Government Team is available to assist county governments make the right GIS decisions. OGI provides a complete GIS solution from data creation to employee training to no-obligation advice. With a strong emphasis on data quality and practical training, the Local Government Team can create new data by building specialized coverage or enhancing existing GIS data.