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With over 2000 counties and over 100 million parcels available, OGI offers the most comprehensive land ownership database available. Combining this data with our GIS experience, we provide Alternative Energy industry with the services and products needed for a successful project.

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How maps help the Alternative Energy Industry. OGI can also prepare custom maps. By incorporating wind patterns and/or hydrology data to our surface ownership and other GIS data including roads, waterways, digital elevation models, and aerial photography, OGI can customize a comprehensive map of your work areas.
How GIS Data helps the Alternative Energy Industry. Alternative Energy sources including wind, solar and hydro all require spatial data. By utilizing OGI’s GIS data solutions, companies can obtain the data they need to access these energy sources. Our comprehensive land ownership data, available in shapefile format, allows users to identify land ownership for leasing activity. The power grid, wind patterns and other GIS data can be integrated to identify areas of interest and our parcel ownership data allows for accurate, immediate land ownership identification.
How GIS Services helps the Alternative Energy Industry.  OGI also offers subscriptions through OGI FastMap, our online GIS mapping application. This online map comes loaded with GIS data including parcel ownership, abstracts & surveys, digital elevation models, aerial imagery, roads & railways, and more.

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