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     Lease/Lead Management
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Due Diligence with Live Reporting, Editing, Viewing and Export.

Field research immediately updates online reports.

  • Monitor the progress of title examination projects in real time
  • Live Reporting:
    - Effective NRI    - Acreage totals             
    - Expenses         - Lease maps

  • Instant reporting from field activity
  • Lease Manager

    - create leases and documents
    - view and edit leases

    - uploaded docs or scanned images
  • Summary for Selected Week
    - Lease parameters
    - Title Submission by each abstractor or landman
    - Exportable to Shape, PDF or Text
• Over 54 million official records online
    - Leases    - Assignments
    - Deeds     - Memos
    - Pooling    - Amendments
  • Access Control List (ACL)
     - you control who sees what
  • Time Card
     - Crew time & expense tracking
  • System Log - keep track of ALL activity on your LAVA lease management portal

  • No Software to Install
  • County Courthouse Records
  • Ownership Reports
  • Lease/Lead Management
  • FastMap - DPU/HBP Layers
  • Nationwide Parcel Data
  • Manage Title Reports

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  Lease/Lead Management
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OGI FastMap Loaded is fast becoming the online mapping tool of choice for a number of industries. With its powerful search and navigate features, our clients are able to explore and retrieve valuable information from our built in data-rich layers.
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Features (learn more about FastMap)
• Spatial Select
(draw shapes to get parcel intersects, DPUs and much more) See below
My Sites (save your map locations)
Query Builder (advanced land data search)
Quick Search (search county/state for parcel or abstract by name, API and more )
Intuitive Tools (zoom, drag, get info., measure & calculate and more)

R.O.W. features in Mastmap

FastMap Loaded applications include layers you control such as: Wells & Pipelines, Drilling Units, Flood Plains Abstracts/Surveys, Surface Ownership Parcel Data, City Limits, Water Bodies, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Aerial Imagery, Gulf of Mexico Offshore Data, Roads and Railways. Search across Texas by survey name/abstract number and search OGI's database of surface ownership. Surface ownership is searchable by owner name and address. This tax roll information is available in over 100 Texas counties.
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Nationwide ParceldataOGI is one of the few resources for country wide parcel data...click here to see our national coverage map. Call 361-904-0071 for Parcel Data set information.

Select a Texas County and view the products available for each County click here.

You can visit our ONLINE DATA STORE to get a complete list of data products that OGI offers.

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