Are Your Maps Up to Date? Do your appraisal maps meet the minimum requirements as outlined in Comptroller Rule 9.3002? OGIgov can help. The OGIgov team of map specialists can help you become compliant with the Comptroller’s 9.3002 rule.  OGIgov provides a complete solution ranging from updating and printing your maps all the way to creating GIS maps. With a strong emphasis on data quality and accuracy, the Local Government Team can create new maps or enhance your existing maps.

County GIS work completed or in progressOGIgov’s Local Government work includes but is not limited to:

  • Updating your maps
  • Printing your county's map
  • Creating your county’s GIS
  • Updating your GIS to incorporate any new subdivisions or property transfers
  • Raster to Vector conversion
  • Data conversion
  • Georectification – alignment to aerial imagery
  • Online hosting of county map

Online Hosting. Take your county map to the next level.
OGIgov can do it for you.
Save time and money by having OGIgov's specialists place your county map on the web using state-of-the-art applications for as little as $1800/yr*. Now make your county data available to taxpayers and satisfy the State Comptroller at the same time. Customize with features specific to your needs like:

  • San Patricio County Mapzoning
  • development projects
  • utility information
  • call/search-before-you-dig.

Just give OGIgov Specialists your county data, and we'll make a custom web application with your desired layers so that people can use it for informative or analysis reasons. Get your county map online easier and faster with OGIgov.


  • Map Rule 9.3002 Compliance
  • Map-assisted Valuations
  • Prepare for dispute hearings
  • Expand 911 Emergency Response Systems

OGIgov web based applications enhance your productivity, reduce your costs, and improve your organizational efficiency. Get your county parcel data, street data, and satellite imagery online all for one low cost of only $1800/yr*.

Call 361-904-0071 TODAY and have OGIgov put your county map online. Or email Canton Hall

Oblique Aerial Image OGI provides complete Oblique and Orthographic Imaging services. 

Lower Prices. Own Your Images. Best Imaging Technology. With the latest technology, accurate surveying can be now accomplished using oblique and panoramic imagery.  Oblique imagery has always been more desirable because it contains more information (such as the sides of buildings) than traditional aerial vertical photography.

GEOSPANOGI has partnered with GEOSPAN to offer aerial imaging services in addition to its GIS services. GEOSPAN is the advanced Photogrammetric industry provider of the highest resolution, most accurate, multi-angle oblique aerials and integrated 360° street-level imagery available.  Some of the most notable features of this service include:

• Higher resolution (Low Level 4” Resolution, Medium Level 12” Resolution)
Larger geographical coverage provided with each image
Higher image capture frequency to provide more over lapping perspective views
Image tiling to significantly improve the network speed to retrieve each image
Optional library of Oblique Property Views for every property. GEOSPAN has developed an innovative automated approach to build a very valuable JPEG property imagery inventory that will import right into Property Appraisal Systems along with serving all other needs for individual property photos.
• Quick view of incident location from multiple angles for entry and exit points, topography, etc.
• Measure height, length, and width of buildings

OGI provides flexible licensing terms to put you back in control of data ownership. Your County will own the Imagery with no restrictions. Call 361-904-0071 for more info.